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Premium Exposure Packages

Unlimited Exposure Package – 100 tapes $1995.00

Super Exposure Package – 60 tapes $1595.00.

Extreme Exposure Package – 35 tapes $1295.00.

Southeastern Athletics, Inc. is a high school recruiting service that endeavors to help a student athlete that has been recommended by coaches as a potential college scholarship player, by seeking exposure of the athletes’s ability to various colleges to Division I and Division II, NAIA Schools and Junior Colleges

PERSONAL PROFILE WITH PHOTOGRAPH – An in-depth description of the prospects’s character, abilities, achievements, etc. is contained in the personal profile composed by Southeastern Athletics, Inc. This full page profile from Southeastern Athletics, Inc. will be sent out to various colleges at coach’s request.

PROFILE UPDATE – Prospect profiles are updated as changes or additions are sent in by the prospect. Their profile is updated and sent out as requested. Each prospect will receive a maximum of one update per year.

SEASON REPORT – At the end of the season the prospect sends in a report reflecting all personal statistics, honors, coach’s evaluations, etc. This report will be sent to numerous colleges as requested.

VIDEO REQUEST SERVICE – Will maintain a copy of the prospect’s personal video in the Video Library. College coaches may visit the library to evaluate film or request a free copy be sent to them. The latest update color resume will be sent with the video.

HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT SERVICE – Will obtain a transcript release from the prospect’s parent and request and updated copy from the high school. This will become a part of the prospects files and made available to all colleges. At anytime the prospect may request from the high school that a copy of an updated transcript be sent. The updated transcript will be made available to all colleges as part of the regular promotions.

E-MAIL PROMOTIONS – At the end of the prospect’s season, we will send out, via email, a special promotion to 30 colleges of the prospect’s choice. We will also email these reports to any college that requests them.

POST-SEASON EVAULATION – Sent to colleges when submitted by the prospect’s coach or other qualified party.

ADVISE & ASSISTANCE – Counselors at toll-free numbers are available to assist students and parents.

EXTENDED SERVICE – All services will be continued after High School competition so long as the prospect continues to compete at a junior college or prep school.

Southeastern Athletics, Inc.
PO Box 250
Russellville, AL  35653
Phone: (256) 332-5513
Fax: (256) 332-4850 (Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.)
E-mail: ser2013@att.net

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