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Dear Prospect,

I would like to welcome you to Southeastern Athletics, Inc.  You have made a wise choice.  I hope you are as “fired up” as we are about your decision to let everyone know how you play, work hard, and do your best to maintain a high accomplishment level.  We, in turn, will do our best in broadcasting your reports across the country.  Please keep the reports forwarded to us in a timely manner.  Remember, you only get out of the service what you put in.  Again, work hard, play 100% all the time, and keep the coaches’ heads turned toward you!

Don’t forget about your grades.  They are just as serious as your sport.  It is a proven fact that without good grades, your chances are not as good for getting a scholarship.

Work hard, play hard, and may the future years be the best ones of your life.  Good luck with your ambitions.

Good luck and best wishes,


Glen Jackson
President and CEO
Southeastern Athletics, Inc.

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