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Normal Exposure Package

 Southeastern Athletics, Inc. is a high school recruiting service that endeavors to help a student athlete that has been recommended by coaches as a potential college scholarship player, by seeking exposure of the athletes’s ability to various colleges to Division I and Division II, NAIA Schools and Junior Colleges.

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the in-home profile is filled out completely and with accurate information. No later than during the athlete’s SENIOR year, the parents are to make or obtain a DVD or a VHS tape, no more than 30 minutes in length, of the athlete. This tape MUST be received in the corporate office by mid-season of the sport in which the athlete participates. This tape should be sent to the corporate office along with a list of 20 schools where the prospect has a realistic chance to play.

During each year that the athlete is an undergraduate, SouthEastern Athletics will send out at least 25 profiles to colleges to familiarize them with the athlete. When SEA receives the athlete’s tape in his/her senior year, we will make 20 copies of the DVD/tape and send them along with the athlete’s profile, to the schools on his/her list.

If any additional college coaches contact the prospect or his/her coach requesting a DVD/tape, we ask that the parents send the fax or a copy of the letter sent by the coach requesting the tape. If this procedure is followed, the corporate office will send out the DVD/tape at no additional charge to you. We need this letter to keep on file so we know to whom we have sent videos. If the coach verbally contacts the prospect requesting video, we ask that the parents fax us the coach’s name, his school, the school address, and the coach’s phone number so that this information can be added to the athlete’s file. SEA will send out any additional videos requested as long as we have the written request.

The total cost for the Normal Exposure Package to cover an athlete for his/her remaining high school career is only $895.00.

In addition, all athletes using the SEA services maybe invited to participate in any showcases, workouts or combines conducted by SEA.

Southeastern Athletics, Inc.
PO Box 250
Russellville, AL  35653
Phone: (256) 332-5513
Fax: (256) 332-4850 (Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.)
E-mail: ser2013@att.net

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