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Track Prospects
Last Name First Name Position High School Grad Year Signed With
Hancock Bethany Base / Flyer / Tumbler Coosa Valley Academy 2018 Jeff State CC – Academics
Washington Kirk XC / Track Oktaha High School 2016 College of the Ozarks, MO
Washington Meeko Track Warner High School 2016 Oklahoma Baptist University
Douglas Trinity Sprinter Casera Hall High School 2018 Univ. of Arkansas – Academics
Lawson Mickayla CC / Track Warner High School 2018 Oklahoma Baptist University
Schmidt Aubrey Track / Sprinter / Cross Country Washington High School 2018 University of North Texas
Hentrup Claire Free Style / Breast Stroke Southridge High School, IN 2022 Asbury University, KY
King Kylee Soccer Itawamba Agricultural High School, MS 2024 Unsigned
Pinegar Lucas Golf #1 Spot Brooks High School, AL 2026 Unsigned
Last Name First Name Grad Year Position High School Signed With
Ellisor Lexi 2016 Libero / Defense Goshen High School Andrew College, GA
Thomas Kati 2016 OH / RS / Setter Goshen High School Wallace State CC – Hanceville
Grady Kayla 2017 OH / Setter / Defense Hillsboro High School John A. Logan College, IL
Acuff Lucy 2018 OH / Defense Southaven High School Bethel University
Turner Kayla “Lani” 2018 MH / RS / OH Southaven High School Bethel University
Blanton Saige 2019 OH / RS / Setter Winston County High School Blue Mountain College
Hutto Emari 2019 Setter West Morgan High School Calhoun CC – Softball
Smith Allison 2021 Libero Sale Creek High School University of Tennessee – Academics
Hailey Hannah 2022 OH / Defense Eagleville High School Unsigned
Berry Jenna 2023 Middle Hitter Lamar County High School Wallace State CC – Hanceville
Crimm Christen “AnnaLee” 2023 Right Side South Lamar High School, AL Faulkner University – SB
Crimm Savannah 2023 MH / MB South Lamar High School, AL Faulkner University – WBKB
Falciani Katelyn 2023 Outside Hitter / Right Side Priceville High School, AL Unsigned
Stegall Sadie “Slamming” 2023 OH / RS / MH Pontotoc High School, MS Itawamba Community College
Turnipseed Marleigh Faith 2023 Libero / DS Grace Christian School, MS Unsigned
Fleming Maddi 2024 Middle Hitter / Right Side Itawamba Agricultural High School, MS Unsigned
Gilliland Chloe 2024 Back Row Defense Cordova High School, AL Unsigned
Norris Drew 2024 Middle Blocker / RS / Setter Haleyville High School, AL Unsigned
Sticker Caroline 2024 OH / MH / DS Hazel Green High School, AL Unsigned
Watts Avery 2024 MH / MB / OH / RS Russellville High School, AL Unsigned
Cowley Makenly 2025 Setter Decatur High School, AL Unsigned
DeLong Mayson 2025 Middle Hitter / OH Johnson Central High School, KY Unsigned
Cooper Ali 2026 Setter / OH East Union Attendance Center, MS Unsigned
Holloway Rhyan 2026 MH / OH Westminster Christian Academy, AL Unsigned

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