Welcome to SEA Recruiting

Our mission at SEA is to provide you with the best possible chance to earn a scholarship and be recognized by college coach that you can play for their team. With our dedication to you and our working relationship with coaches all over the southeast and the nation, we are committed to help you find the best college and the best fit.

Southeastern Athletics, Inc. is an organization that provides participating colleges in the nation with thorough reports on high school athletes who have the ability to play at the college level. We only recruit the best prospects in each area.

Prospects, be sure and check out our recruitment packages on the Services page. If you are interested in obtaining the services of Southeastern Athletics, please fill out our online Personal Profile and submit it to us, and we will contact you soon.

We recruit athletes by visiting with them and their families and high school coaches. Also, we attend the athlete’s games and practices.  NCAA rules and recruiting budgets have drastically reduced scholarships and restrict recruiting activities; therefore, colleges use recruiting services.  We can do the things that colleges cannot.  The colleges do not pay us because that would conflict with NCAA rules.  We are paid by the athletes’ parents to expose them to the colleges that we work with.  We work with a wide variety of colleges from junior college to major universities.  We have received numerous letters from college coaches concerning our program since it began.  The coaches know and personally trust us. We believe you and your family will as well.